Negotiation with local authorities

The permits phase is the process of completing the environmental and urban planning of Large Cells, Microcells and Small Cells.

We collect all the necessary data, carry out the appropriate studies following the rules and regulations imposed by the laws and the relative authorities.

All the above are carried out in accordance with the written provisions and legislation to ensure the necessary certifications, approvals, opinions from the competent bodies (archaeological, forestry services, municipal authorities, public services).

Our studies aim at the design of new installations and the redesign of existing ones, thus ensuring the expected range in this specific technology.

They include:

•Topographical Survey

•Structural Analysis

•Architectural Studies

•Studies in the field of Environmental Protection

•Design accompanying Infrastructure Works (such as Roads)

•Geotechnical Survey

Artemis Intergrated Technical Services

Artemis Integrated Technical Services was originally founded back in 2008 to serve telecom networks, focusing on infrastructure, telecom implementation and professional services delivery


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