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Radio Access

Mobile access networks are in a great need for continuous expansion in order to maintain a high level of availability and delivery for the requested services of the subscribers

Hotspot Coverage

A challenge for the mobile access networks is and has always been to deliver telecom services in special places and transportation means

Network Performance

With all the mobile networks continuously growing in coverage, capacity and technology complexity and considering that in certain periods of time smaller or larger renovation projects takes place in every live network, performance tuning is absolutely necessary

Software Development

The enormous amount of data involved in mobile networks demand respective handling before they are converted to useful information for all the involved parties

FTTX Planning

All modern communication networks are so complex that require consistent and accurate planning

Fixed Access

Increasing demand of high speed network at home and workplace across the world are currently driving the Fiber to the home market growth


Artemis Integrated Technical Services was originally founded back at 2008 to serve telecom networks, focusing in infrastructure, telecom implementation and professional services delivery

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