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Our Objective

Artemis ITS is a rapidly growing telecom infrastructure company delivering project management, design, implementation, maintenance and operation services for fixed and mobile telecom networks.

Our journey commenced in 2008 in Greece, and since then, we have successfully expanded our operations into key European markets such as Romania, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and Austria.

With our well-educated, highly motivated, and experienced team, we are supporting many Operators and Vendors in Europe to expand and maintain their networks.

Artemis ITS Offices
Artemis ITS Offices
Artemis ITS Construction site
Artemis ITS Construction site
Our services

What we offer

Fixed Network Services

Mobile Network Services
Our advantages

Why you should select us as your partner

Rapid development of quality structures to meet increased customer needs in highly demanding projects and markets

Ability to execute projects utilizing our internal team of skilled engineers and technical professionals, complemented by our extensive network of strategic partners , specializing in remote area coverage, ensuring swift engagement and efficient handling of high-volume tasks

CarwashComprehensive service integration in each project, spanning from its initial design phase to ongoing network maintenance, all tailored to meet the specific requirements of our customers

Formidable team of project management engineers who stand as the backbone of our success

Robust frameworks for both qualitative and quantitative project implementation monitoring, combined with proficient troubleshooting and diligent execution of follow-up action plans

Establishing and nurturing strong client relationships to meet their present and future requirements and soliciting feedback to assess the satisfaction levels regarding our previously provided services


Our customers

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deutsche telecom
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open dutch fiber

Our Values

Embracing Inclusivity: We hold a commitment to valuing every individual within our organization

Promoting Work/Life Balance: We actively ensure and support a healthy work/life equilibrium for our team members

Respecting Every Person: Our approach is rooted in treating all individuals with the utmost dignity and respect

• Fostering Creativity: We not only encourage but also reward the innovative contributions of our employees

06• Nurturing Employee Growth: We focus on fostering the diverse talents of our workforce, supporting their initiatives, and cultivating their leadership skills.

• Facilitating Employee Professional Advancement: We provide resources, opportunities, and guidance to help employees enhance their skills, expand their knowledge, and progress in their careers

Collaborating with commitment in Unified Teams: Our employees work together cohesively, demonstrating a high level of dedication and unity to achieve common goals

• Success in building a reliable business model for both our customers and our employees

Technical expertise

• In-depth understanding of key priorities

Dedication to each project

Long-term relationships of trust and cooperation between the company and its customers

Contact us

Artemis Intergrated Technical Services

Artemis Integrated Technical Services was originally founded back in 2008 to serve telecom networks, focusing on infrastructure, telecom implementation and professional services delivery


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Beech Avenue, Het Poortgebouw 54-62,
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