Radio Access

Radio Access Network Services

Mobile access networks are in a great need for continuous expansion in order to maintain a high level of availability and delivery for the requested services of the subscribers. In all networks, new base stations of any kind – macro, micro and small cells – are necessary to meet the need for coverage and capacity for all the current deployed technologies (2G, 3G, 4G) as well as to prepare the future growth and demand for upcoming ones (5G).

With a strong team consisted of highly educated engineers and long time experienced and result oriented technicians, we are delivering efficiently all the necessary services for Site Acquisition, Permits, Electrification, Civil Works, Telecom Implementation and Maintenance for Mobile Networks.

We manage to succeed in our mission by focusing on investigating the potential site locations for their suitability and sustainability, their ability to obtain permits and connection to the power grid and by implementing infrastructure and telecom implementation works with well trained and authorized personnel.

31073309 - technician working on communication towers
19593809 - employees are installing an antenna for transmission.
13797444 - climber ascending 300' cell tower

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