Hotspot Coverage

Hotspot Coverage Projects

A challenge for the mobile access networks is and has always been to deliver telecom services in special places and transportation means like museums, airports, campuses, expos, concerts, stadiums, trains, ships, metro, shopping malls, as well as in many other places with high concentration of subscribers for a certain period of time or in places where special constraints in electromagnetic field propagation shall be taken into account. In each one of these cases a custom approach in the implementation solution shall be carefully designed, implemented and tested before delivered in service availability.

We are analyzing each case separately and deliver solutions to our customers with a combination of in-house experts in planning, turn-key implementation engineers and technicians as well as a skillful optimization team with state of the art measurement and testing equipment.

With a thorough study of each separate project specifications and needs, we select the proper solution, prepare the arrangements with the site or transportation means owners, acquire the necessary permits from the authorities, implement and test the equipment and finally we verify the whole network service and subscribers experience.


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